Diagonal Projects Africa (DPA) has successfully completed many highly specialised projects. Their reputation as one of the countries leading
project management organisations are based on their core values:

  • Creating a better South Africa
  • Cultivating partnerships
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Delivering honest, transparent and professional services
  • OR Tambo International
    OR TAMBO INTERNATIONAL Johannesburg | South Africa
  • Emperors Palace Hotel
    EMPERORS PALACE HOTEL Johannesburg | South Africa
  • Professional Development Hub
    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT HUB University of the Witwatersrand | South Africa
  • North Park Mall
    NORTHPARK MALL Thswane | South Africa
  • Monte Casino
    MONTE CASINO Johannesburg | South Africa
  • Monte Casino Sunsquare Hotel
    MONTE CASINO SUNSQUARE HOTEL Johannesburg | South Africa
  • Thswane University of Technology
    MUSIC SCHOOL Tshwane University of Technology | South Africa
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